The focal point of the curiosity moderated by my interest cultivates towards the possibilities in peculiarities acquired through the mediation of a play with light, shades, shapes, forms, geometry, etc. my fascination with painterly treatments and subjects persuaded me to broaden  the domain where I commenced to study art under the techniques of sculpting/carving/modelling. Thus, most of my work of art justifies their existence associated with my sense of aesthetics rather than justifying themselves to be such typical examples of either painting or sculpture.

Juxtaposition (with images) seems to be a major mode to standardize the compositional value within my work which allows me to play with an array of possibility to trace many interesting side/areas of an object or combination of few objects. Therefore, it generally ensues into a repetitive/monotonous pictorial fashion.

The terrain of geometry has been stimulating my interest to undertake the playability within the set of itself.  Architectural shapes, forms and structure in my works is the result occurred through my own manipulation with the play with the geometry.


Hardik Kansara obtained a Diploma and a Post-Diploma in Sculpture at the MS  University in Vadodara. Kansara has received a Merit Scholarship, Sankho Chaudhuri Scholarship, Mahendra Pandya Scholarship, Young Artists’ Scholarship  and the Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi Award between 2006 and 2010. His works were selected for the 50th National Exhibition of Art, Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi Exhibitions, and he was also invited to exhibit with Rukshaan Art in Mumbai for  the inaugural show Strands Come Together in 2008. He, later, participated in other  group shows by Rukshaan Art — such as Absolutely Fabulous and Once Upon a Time; he also participated in prestigious Feb Group Show at Redearth Art Galleries, Vadodara. In 2009, Hardik participated in Beyond the Wires at the Viewing Art Room. Kansara has also participated in shows in Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Hardik  has participated in every edition of The Baroda March. In 2012, Hardik was invited  to engage in an art education tour ‘Italia comes to you’ of Italy.