Nimesh Patel has always been fascinated by one’s urge and search for a hero/mentor to emulate. Through his series of works entitled ‘ Reproduction before the Revolution’, he attempts to engage the viewer with this obsession.

Creating a possibility for achieving this goal for perfection in their hero (coming as close to the real thing), the protagonist travels through a machine and is reproduced as his hero.

Nimesh also leads the viewer to contemplate this behaviour of creating clones that could lead to dicontent and revolution.

For the artist, perfection lies in individuality.


Nimesh Patel was awarded with a Diploma in Painting from BA Mehta Kala Vidyalaya, Navsari in 2000 and a Post-Diploma from MS University in Vadodara in 2002. Patel has received awards from AIFACS (Gujarat), the Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi, and The Art People, New Delhi. He has participated in group shows such as The Baroda March by Rukshaan Art in Mumbai and Art within Reach by Samsara Art Gallery in Mumbai, amongst others. Patel has also exhibited works at the Dignam Gallery and Tamarind Art Gallery in Toronto and New York respectively. He was commissioned with the prestigious artwork project for the Mumbai International Airport, T2 in 2013.