Panthini Thaker’s works are curious about the natural world; they are interested in understanding the knowledge of it. Thaker uses some motifs that depict respect, when given or received with love, take on a part of the spirit of those who encounter it. Her works are spiritual links between people spanning time and distance. They are eternal symbols, around the world, depicted and interpreted with different sensibilities.


Born in 1973, Panthini Thaker obtained a bachelor’s degree of fine arts with painting and pottery. Thereafter, Thaker went to Pondicherry in 1997, to strengthen her training in pottery and ceramics with Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP). She then worked under her guru, who helped nurture her sensitivities towards clay. Participations in workshops conducted by Sandy Brown at GBP and Kristine Michael at the Ceramic Centre gave Thaker a fresh impetus to explore the contradictory qualities of clay.