Rukshaan Art was established in 2008 by Rukshaan Krishna to promote contemporary art. She works with a host of talented artists who belong to different parts of India and work with a variety of mediums and subjects. After interacting closely with them and discovering their potential, the need to establish an artists’ studio became imperative.

The Rukshaan Art Studio was founded in 2009 in Baroda. The studio nurtures painters, sculptors and printmakers who have demonstrated extraordinary skills and promise in the field of fine art, and also hosts camps and residencies for artists.

THE BARODA MARCH, a flagship event held annually, entered its twelfth edition this year at the CSMVS (formerly The Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai). The works included paintings, sculptures, woodblocks and ceramic works.
The profiles of participating artists span several generations and genres.

India Art Fair, New Delhi, January 2015
Art International, Istanbul, September 2015
India Art Fair, New Delhi, January 2016
Singapore Contemporary, Singapore, January 2017
India Art Fair, New Delhi, February 2017
India Art Fair, New Delhi, February 2018
India Art Fair, New Delhi, February 2019
India Art Fair, New Delhi, January 2020


Rukshaan Art Studio, Baroda